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The flagship product that shows you how to rev up the performance of your static websites and throw the blood in the water to get those search engines crawling and coming back frequently.

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What every website must have or fail!

This tool is so critical in building your business you would be insane to not have this tool installed, so stop wandering around not knowing how your website is performing.

This will answer who, how and why they visit your website, including a secret Google does not want you to know.

Something I have not seen built into any other tool out there.

Using this tool we have even seen people visit websites using keyword combinations that did not even exist on your webpages. Exposing you an opportunity to jump on that hungry crowd that otherwise would of been missed using traditional methods.

Combine this with the I Come Clean SEO product, you will have absolute control on how your website will perform getting Google and other important bots to come to your website while revealing their hand.

Including exposing those opportunities that are missed using traditional methods.

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Loop Hole that multipies your back links by 10 or more.

Learn how to squeeze every last backlink from one visit from High Pr and High Traffic Web 2.0 sites

Over 150 sites are listed where you can apply this technique all the work done for you.

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Dirty little secret you must know about Bookmarking and Social Networks.

Bookmarking software is great for getting backlinks but a hidden secret exist that is not in favor.

Their software becomes such a pain to use they don't even post the missing step on their sites in fear that it will discourage you in using their tool effectively.

This video will show you how to overcome this issue with a free tool.

In fact its the solution to hitting home runs muliplying those backlinks while your competition is still on 1st base dealing with the bookmarking problem.

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Turn 100 keywords into 1000's

Looking to find maximum amount of keywords for that next project.

Look no further using Free Word Tracker you can dig till your hearts content, collect those hidden keyword treasures very few people see and get the edge on your competition

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Don't buy PLR, when its free and Google approved.

Forget about buying PLR material, let Google show you how to get your own without paying for it free

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Make those changes to your websites with blistering speed.

Need to make a change on those webpages no need to download and upload do it online extremely fast add or do search and replace in a blink of an eye, especially good for adding adsense or affiliate codes etc...

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Mini Site Generator all on autopilot

The Mini Site generator for blogs which drives traffic and creates backlinks for your business hands free

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48 resources where you can spy and observe what people really want and in the end you also get content where you can borrow or modify all the content you will ever need to help pre-sell to these people with cash in hand to buy your products.


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36 of the top bookmarking websites that give you quality backlinks to your websites.

This is not just any set of bookmarking websites. These are the creame of the crop, I personally have clicked 1,000's of URL's to select the best. The bookmarking websites get indexed real fast in Google. The bookmarking websites have also been selected for not having to type in any captchas so this makes it easy for creating accounts quickly.


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Google Less Than 3 Minutes Indexed And Ranked

My Gem - recently took brand new website got it indexed, ranked less than 3 minutes in GOOGLE with traffic following shortly.

This method is the gem that is only available to insiders.

The use of blognetworks is so effective using a very tiny handfull of blogs in the network, I took a new website was indexed and ranked in 3 minutes including traffic visiting it not long afterwards.

I don't promise this will happen to you, but it is very effective in doing its job.

You get the privilege of belonging to this elite group all without a monthly membership just be prepared to submit 2 wordpress blogs as part of the initiation.